Beautiful White Rhinestone Mask - adjustable ear covers - great for vegas - vacations

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Glitter Face Mask's
NOTE:This glitter face mask is just a fashionable beauty mask with NO PROTECTIVE FUNCTION. If you need protection, you can wear an ordinary mask or a protective pad inside the fashionable mask.

【Free Breathing】:This mesh Rhinestone mask adopts mesh design, can breathe freely, and it will not fog up your glasses.
【Sparkly Face Mask】:This Rhinestone mask is inlaid with thousands of rhinestones. When you wear this fashionable mask on the road, shopping malls, nightclubs, bars, the lights are the most flashing one.
【Adjustable Ear Loops】:The ear rope of Rhinestone face mask is adjustable. It can be used in a variety of face shapes. It is not afraid that the ear will be uncomfortable if it is hung.